Adam Minard, owner of P. Bunyan, tells us his story like no one else ever could.

Please tell us about the start of your business...

Back in the early 21st century, my beard was formed and full and has never left my face since - and thankfully beards are cool now. But it wasn't until about 3 years ago did I realize that it needed tended to with proper care. Shampoos and conditioners from all over the super store shelves were not making the cut as the evil tandem of itch and flake irritated my daily journeys. After many hikes through tough terrain to my local library for extensive research, I realized beard oil was my only solution. Creating the perfect concoction could only be done by my own two hands, therefore I found the necessary ingredients to create the glorious oil in my own log cabin, that I also built with my own two hands out of sustainable walnut. My childhood days were full of drawing my favorite mountain scenes and wildlife so to create a beard oil was not enough. I then created my own labels after they were bottled as well, thus being satisfied knowing my earnings could be saved by making my own beard oil. Shortly after, however, my wife noticed my craft in the medicine cabinet and took a photo of the final product. And like most photos these days, it found its way to the ever popular web life these kids call Facebook. The demand came back within hours and like they say, the rest is history.

What do you like to do when you aren't busy making your products?

When I'm not creating and crafting beard oil, I like to venture into the valley, extract bears from hibernation and wrestle for salmon in the fresh water streams. Nothing like a good ol' game of competition with an angry grizzly.

Tell us a little more about your creative process...

Well, the creative process of the branding came naturally with my artistic background. The beard oil recipes, however, were the real challenge. It needed to smell fresh, natural, and more importantly manly - with as few ingredients as possible. Every ingredient also needed to be 100% natural and organic.

How has being a part of the CL Family helped your business to grow?

The CL family has been exactly that - FAMILY. I can't say enough how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to have my man-made product on the shelves at a "local only" shop. It's everything I try to live by. Keeping it local and keeping it real. The feedback from the locals has been fantastic. The regulars who shop there are doing it for the same reasons the vendors sell there, to give back to their community. 
What is your favorite product in our store and why?

A Bit of A Bite salsa gets picked up almost every time I'm there. Why, you ask? Because after it's purchased it doesn't take long for the jar to be empty. It rarely makes it to the fridge.

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