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CL Family Spotlight: Fatty & Skinny Brand

Happy Feature Friday! Have you tried Fattty & Skinny Brand sauces and salsa from Cincinnati yet? Read on to learn a bit more about the brand, the faces behind it and you might just want to pick some up! 

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started?
A: Chef David Cook, owner of Zagat Rated Daveed’s Next Restaurant and Daveed’s 934 Mt. Adams, and his life-long friend, Jeff Burlson, created Fatty & Skinny Brand hot sauces and salsa five years ago. Jeff is tall and slim and Chef David is short and stocky, hence the name!


Q: What makes your products unique? 
A: Fatty & Skinny Brand Sauces offer consumers a unique and inspired blend of locally grown, all-natural ingredients including peppers, fruits and fruit juices, vegetables, herbs and spices. Many of the peppers are grown in Chef David’s back yard!

Q: What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family?

A: We love being part of the Celebrate Local family and sharing our locally inspired hot sauces, salsa, wing sauce, and Secret Red Gravy (marinara sauce) to the local community. It’s important to educate people that supporting the local economy is a win-win for everyone

Learn more on the Fatty & Skinny Brand website or head to our store to pick some up!

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