Dee Dee Eagle of Eagle Family Candies is as sweet, if not sweeter, than the candies she and her family makes. This company is truly astounding, with fourth and fifth generation employees. It was a treat learning about this companies history, check it out!

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started?

A: We are fourth generation chocolatiers at Eagle Family Candy Co LLC. We take pride in doing everything the old fashion way. My great grandfather started making Candies and selling them door to door in 1912. He opened up the first Eagles and from there my grandfather opened the one we currently reside in in 1946. My father took over in 1986 and retired in 2012. That's when my husband and I took over, in August 2012, and opened up Eagle Family Candy Co LLC. Our machinery dates back to the late 1940s!

Q: What makes your products unique?

A: We are unique because we like to use the same recipes that are over a hundred years old and do it all by hand!

(Eagle family secret recipes)

Q: What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family?

A: We wanted to link up with celebrate local and share our story because it is so unique! We live what Celebrate Local stands for. We love shopping local and keeping small businesses growing. I want our business to be around for generations to come. Celebrate Local insures that they can help us in obtaining that goal by selling some of the items we offer. We are currently selling peanut brittle, bacon peanut brittle, Buckeyes and chocolate covered grams along with are cordial cherries, caramels and other various chocolates.

Come find Eagle Family Candies in the Celebrate Local store in Easton or contact them for more information!