Meet the maker of the satin and terry reversible pillowcase, Debra Mooney, of Dry Moon Pillowcases. Her mission is to help people get quality rest and sleep.

Debra Mooney

It all started with . . .
"I had just completed the “Explorer” fall 2015 class of Aviatra Accelerators for aspiring women entrepreneurs. In the midst of experiencing a bout of night sweats, I sewed a differently sided pillowcase. One side was made of 100% terry fabric because it was soft and absorbent--the other side was satin because it looked stylish on my coordinated bedding. I showed a friend the plush-posh pillowcase I had made and she said, “I want to buy 10!” – as gifts for her mother and aunts on Mother’s Day and for her son who had just committed to OSU. Although it was April 1st – it was no joke and I started Dry Moon Pillowcases."

Everyone loves my product because . . .

  • they can find their favorite color
  • the terry side is super soft and cozy
  • the terry side is fast drying, favored by people who experience night sweats or go to sleep with wet hair after showering
  • the cooling satin side is skin and hair protective 
  • they are durable and comfortable--perfect for summer campers, seniors, and college students.
  • they are easy-care and can be washed and dried with the rest of the bedding.


"A customer offered another reason (my favorite); he called it a ‘save-the-marriage’ purpose. His wife had decorated the living room couch with luxury pillows that he was not to rest his head on while watching TV. He bought a Dry Moon for relaxing with a cold brew and college football – and they live happily ever after . . ."

"Hence my motto: Whether at night or at noon, rest is best with a Dry Moon!"

What's behind the name . . .
"There are 4 reasons why I call them “Dry Moon” pillowcases:

1. the plush side is absorbent, keeping the head dry,
2. pillows are used at night when the moon is out,
3. it is a bit of a play on my last name (Mooney),
4. most significantly, ancient Hawaiians believed a crescent moon with horns pointed down was a 'Dry Moon' because it couldn’t catch rain water in the ‘bowl’ and that is why there are summer rainstorms. I put the crescent moon logo and the satin side of all my cases."

Dry Moon 

You can find these . . .
"I'm pleased to offer my terry-satin pillowcases in a variety of colors so that everyone can find their favorite, including CL-exclusive Light Teal, Sexy Black, Navy Blue, Elegant Purple, Ohio Red, and Snowball White."

It all stemmed from . . .
"I have been health-conscious for most of my life, as an athlete and mother. I am a ‘sleep advocate’ who understands its importance for health, wellness, and optimal physical and mental performance. Thus, my mission is simple (but essential), to help people get quality rest and sleep.

"I am pleased and proud to make something that people find useful in their every day (or night-) life."

"Additionally, I am a 3rd generation sewist. I still sleep on the original one that I made, for sentimental reasons, but I now make them with a much plusher terry fabric (of low-twist long staple all cotton yarn)."


You can find me here on the weekend . . .
"I like to stay fit and exercise, jogging or swimming. Two years ago, I was happy to check-off a bucket-list item of running a marathon--of course, it was Cincinnati’s Flying Pig. I’ve been a competitive swimmer and hold an Ohio state master’s swimming record for the 400M IM."

To me, Celebrate Local means . . .
"I'm a new vendor at CL. An Aviatra Accelerators classmate mentioned that she was a vendor. It seemed fitting for me--and it has been. I appreciate the “feel” and experience of the store for both vendors and customers; it’s a comfortable blend of professional and neighborly."

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