Meet Jackie, owner and maker behind Cashmere + Twig:


My small business story began . . .
"Ever since I can remember, I have always been a product junky & loved coming up with my own creations. When I was seven I made my own Lee Press-On Nails out of Play-Doh & Elmer’s glue. I tried to darken my eyelashes with a Sharpie marker & literally swished bleach because I thought that’s how you whitened your teeth. Bet you didn’t know that, did you Mom? Thankfully, all of my experiments didn’t kill me & as I got older I started taking a more natural approach to beauty."

Cashmere & Twig logo

"Many may not know, I was born with Tourette’s Syndrome & as I was blessed with children of my own, my daughter Estelle was diagnosed with the same. Lack of sleep, stress & over exposure to synthetic ingredients & chemicals seem to make our tics worse. It saddens me to see Estelle suffer from the same adversities, as I truly understand what she is going through & even more so, the struggles that lie ahead. You can’t plant a mommy kiss & slap a sparkly Band-Aid on this type of hurt, so like any mom would for her child, I dove head first into my own research."

Dedicated to finding natural beauty treatments . . .
"On any given day, the average woman wears 515 chemicals & 26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your products to enter your bloodstream. These toxins are hiding in everything from soaps & shampoo to moisturizers & ChapStick. Chemicals like parabens, found in most skincare, are known for being hormone disruptors, can cause reproductive & developmental disorders & have even been linked to breast cancer. I was shocked to discover that my every day products were actually harmful—even TOXIC in some cases! So, I went back to what I loved & made my own creations. After all, how difficult could it be, right? WHOA! Did I open Pandora’s Box!"

"I vividly remember looking at the backs of labels & I couldn’t begin to pronounce, much less understand what the ingredients were. The more people I spoke with, the more I realized there were others out there just like me that were frustrated with label reading. Let’s face it, no one sets out one day with their morning cup of coffee & says, “Gee…I think I will exfoliate with a smear of hormone disruptors & moisturize with a squirt of cancer.” But…WHERE do you even begin?"

"Cashmere & Twig is a line of nature-inspired products free from parabens, synthetic fragrances & artificial colors. We feature essential oil infused skin care, hair care & specialty rubs for the whole family, as well as, bulk & retail packages for professional use. Consumers easily benefit from the therapeutic properties in each product because we take the guesswork out of label reading, as key ingredient information, as well as application instructions are included. The products don’t just smell & feel amazing, but they are actually good for you!"

Body Scrub

"We obviously can’t avoid all chemicals; however, Cashmere & Twig is helping to reduce the average 515 daily chemicals that we wear & provide a more natural choice for consumers & professionals without the guesswork of label reading."

You just can't live without this product . . .
"My favorite product is Cashmere & Twig’s Dry Shampoo! It is a busy girl’s miracle product that naturally prolongs your blowout, absorbs excess oils, provides volume and leaves hair feeling fresh and clean without the white powdery residue others leave behind. They are available in Dark, Light and Gray so you can choose your perfect shade! This product is my “baby” because it benefits the most amount people. It’s perfect for those that lead a demanding schedule where time is of the essence, a brand new mom who is lacking in the sleep department, an athlete after a work-out, your teenager that hit the snooze one too many times, those with thinning or color treated hair, to my Grandma Shirley who will turn 92 in February and can easily press the non-aerosol pump!"

When she finds free time, Jackie . . .
"With ALL of my spare time left over for the day after getting Wyatt to his game, driving back for Estelle’s practice, attempting to make my kids something to eat other than what’s available in a drive-thru or a ball field, waving to my husband Tim when I pass him on his way home from work (wait…did I brush my teeth this morning?) I am ALWAYS into something! I love to create and work with my hands – from making furniture out of tree stumps, jewelry from vintage baubles, making ANYTHING out of nothing, all of course while watching The Real Housewives."

My connection to CL means . . .
"Cashmere & Twig is honored to be a part of the Celebrate Local family. The business exposure and connections made have opened many doors of opportunity. As a small business owner, I am able to ask questions and get well-seasoned advice and suggestions from other featured companies and the CL team. Their support has been invaluable."

I hope you & your family enjoy the products as much as my family & I do making them! ~Jackie