It's about that time of day when we're all thinking about the same thing: snacks. Today we're getting to know one of our many awesome food family members - Captain Jake's Jerky. If you're a jerky lover, then Scott Jacobson and Greg Giles are your guys! Read on to learn more about their journey to making award-winning beef jerky: 

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started? A: Greg Giles and I are the co-founders of Captain Jake's Jerky. I travel often and while on the road or stuck in a spot without access to food, I'll look for a healthy snacks. Every time I bought beef jerky from local stores, I ended up disappointed with the lack of flavor and high sodium levels. So, I set out to make my own beef jerky, using products that contain no added preservatives, MSG and less sodium. For a year and a half, I worked on crafting the recipes to perfection... After giving the jerky to family, friends and anyone else willing to try it, it received overwhelmingly positive feedback. People have even stopped in the middle of the road to request more jerky...Captain Jake’s Jerky was born! and the name? The name Captain Jake’s Jerky comes from two sources. Jake is my nickname, derived from his last name Jacobson. During my college days I worked a boat ride at an amusement park as Captain Jake!

Q: What makes your products unique? A: Our gourmet beef jerky is made using high quality Black Angus beef, with no added preservatives, MSG, nitrates or sodium. Just last week we were informed that our jerky won 1st place in the Scovie Awards! It took home two 2nd place awards this past July at the World Hot Sauce, BBQ and extreme food awards.
Q: What do you like about being a part of the Celebrate Local family? We like Celebrate Local because, just like in the name, it Celebrates the local businesses and products in Ohio. Plus we've heard great feedback about our gourmet beef jerky from both customers and employees of Celebrate Local! Hungry yet? Head to their Facebook page for more information about Captain Jake's or check out our Easton and Liberty locations to pick some up today!