This week Jeff and Kathy, owners of Brother Veterans LLC, share their business with us!
Jeff's father in uniform

Please tell us the story of your business...

Our business started when we retired and found ourselves looking to become productive and keeping ourselves busy in retirement. Kathy retired from teaching Home Economics for over 35 years. That’s where most of the recipes come from for the business. Jeff retired from teaching Criminal Justice for 21 years and was a State Trooper in Ohio for 10. He also served in the Air Force and the Ohio Air National Guard for 27 years.  Soon after we retired we decided to start this business and donate the profits from it to help our wounded veterans. Our retirement is very sufficient for us, and as we would watch those military members returning from war injured and wounded, we decided to help them with our business. That is why we give 100% of our business profit to assist the wounded veterans. 

Kathy & Jeff, owners of Brother Veterans LLC

What do you like to do when you aren't busy creating your products?

Most of our time is spent in the production of our products. All of our items are handmade and that keeps them as fresh as possible. Kathy prides herself is the fact that our products are fresh and delicious. Our markup is very minimal for the type of product that we sell. 

What is the inspiration behind the unique photography used on your labels?

Almost all of our products display a picture of one of our family members that served in the military on the label. As I began to search for members of our family I discovered that there were many members of our family that served. For example, my favorite was a picture of my Great Great Grandfather Joshua. His picture is found on one of the most popular products, The Civil War Chili Mix. It took me almost 2 years to find his picture. I also discovered that he served with General Sherman on his march to Atlanta. During the march my grandfather was captured and held as a POW at the infamous Andersonville Prison. He was released after 1 year there and approx. 10 months later his son Charlie O was born. Charlie O served in the Cavalry during the Spanish American War. I also had an uncle named Wilbur that was on the USS Honolulu when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. His picture is on the Pearl Harbor Trail Mix.


Brother Veterans' Civil War Chili Mix,
featuring Jeff's Great-Grandfather Josiah Drake.

How has being a part of the CL Family helped your business grow?

We have been a part of the Celebrate Local family for 3 years now. We also have been very proud of the support that they have given to our mission and our products. Our products are displayed in a professional manner and with respect to our relatives that have served this country. Attached are more photos of family members that are on the labels of our products.

Jeff's father, seated at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C. He served in both WWII and the Korean War, during which he was awarded the Bronze Star.



Pete on the "Paratrooper Pete's Pasta Soup" is Pete West, Kathy's father and a paratrooper with the 101st during WWI.



Jeff's brother, Jerry, who served in the Army and the Air Force in the Vietnam War.

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