If you've ever perused the clothing racks at Celebrate Local, you too have probably wondered about the story behind the name Artists, Poets and Soldier Clothing Company. Well this week we got the scoop - and then some. Read on to learn a little form Tyler Stokes of APS Clothing Company! Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started? A: I started working on this company in early 2012. I have always had a strong passion for clothing, art and design. I loved the thought of producing high quality clothes for people. As I began to work on my line more ideas started to develop. First, the company needed a good name. APS (artists, poets, and soldiers) comes from my interest in the Renaissance era and of the Renaissance Man. During the Renaissance period, society believed that the human race was capable of anything as long as they kept working, studying, training, and growing. The Renaissance Man was someone that was talented in many different areas like the arts, science, politics, and anything else that would help society to grow.

Q: What makes your products unique? A: A few things that I have been working on to develop my company as a "brand" and not just a tee shirt company is with my logos. One of the toughest yet most enjoyable things is coming up with a logo people like and want to wear. This is something I am very proud of. Without major licensing deals with Ohio State, Bengals, Browns, etc. we, as small designers, have to sell our own logos and not rely on selling other peoples established logos. So in developing my brand I have tried to incorporate my core set of designs in different ways, Multiple designs incorporating the same logo, wide color range, or even on different types of apparel (hats, socks, etc).

Quality is also very important to me. Yes the artwork sells the piece but the quality keeps the customer happy. I chose to use the more expensive American made clothing on my brand because made in the USA and a higher quality product is far more important to me than a profit margin. I myself want APS to be more than just a clothing company. I want my customers to be a part of my company, like a group, club, or clique. For this reason I added some social media pages to my website. This way, anyone that wants to express themselves or be a part of the website, can do so. There is also a customer upload picture page, quote page, and even a featured artist page...and there will be more pages added as we grow!

Q: What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family? A:  I love working with Celebrate Local because of the diversity of their store. Also the way work to support and promote small business.

Find them in our store or check out the APS Clothing Company Facebook for more!