This Friday we're washing away all the stress of the work week by starting it off with Karin McGilvery from Abundance Soaps! Karin is so passionate about her craft and business - she's been making small handcrafted soaps since 2007. Read on to learn about how she got her start and the secret in the soaps.  

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started? A: In 2007, we were building our house and living in a trailer on our property. I was homeschooling our three kids and decided that I could make bath and body products like what I was buying for my family at health food stores all around the country as we traveled for my husband's business. After much trial and error, friends told their friends and orders started pouring in. The Abundance Soaps name was chosen to remind me that even in the midst of unemployment and mommy stress, there is an Abundance of beauty and blessings every single day that we easily let pass us by. I'm so glad my company name reminds me daily of all of the gifts I have and the Abundance overflowing that surrounds me on a regular basis.

Q: What makes your products unique? A: All of our all natural bar soaps are pure and 100% natural made using the cold process method with no artificial color or fragrances oils. The colors of our soap will vary depending upon the herbs, flowers or oils used. Each batch is different since we make them by hand in small batches. Each bar takes a month to produce, but once cured, is gentle and mild. We use organic herbs grown in our garden, oats, clays, honey, and essential oils. Our bars are all hand cut to be approximately four ounces so that you get can be sure you are getting the most from your soap and that it will last longer than smaller bars or commercial soap. They are made with Coconut, Olive, Ricebran and other oils which produce a creamy white lather.

Our handcrafted soap also retains natural glycerin which is formed during the curing process. Commercial soaps have the natural glycerin removed to be resold. We make all of our own soap and it is not to be confused with glycerin or melt and pour soap made from a pre-made soap base. Our soaps are made by combining local oils, herbs, essential oils and sodium hydroxide (which processes out during the curing phase). Our soap is made on site from start to finish using fresh, pure ingredients! Q: What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family? A: I love hearing great stories from all over the USA from people who shopped at Celebrate Local and love buying our soaps. It's great to receive kind words and photos from them.

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