July has arrived and we're kicking off the month with a CL Family Feature from one of our very own! When Chessia isn't working at our Easton location, she is spending her time honing her craft with her company, Chessia Trick Illustration & Design. Learn about what inspires her work in this week's spotlight!

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started?

A: There isn't really much of a story. I like to draw and paint things. I spin Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, J-Core and Gabba. I grew up not too far away from a record store in North Canton, Ohio, so I was always into rainbows and black light stuff. I'm heavily inspired by various counter cultures, mainly the rave scene and the anime convention community. I basically just started making stickers and designing slipmats for DJS after designing my own and continued from there. I have my degree in Illustration. Originally, I wanted to do comics and even had my own web comic for a brief time. Then I just decided to go with the flow and do what I wanted to do whenever I had the free time. Now I make stickers, enamel pins, 3D pieces and slipmats, along with a weekly live painting gig at the EDM event Melted Mondays at Scarlet and Grey.

Q: What makes your products unique?

A: My products are very niche. If you aren't really into electronic music or psychedelic/surrealism, you may not like my stuff. I also do a lot of neon horror illustrations when I do live paintings. After realizing that most DJs use the slipmats that came with their turntables, I decided to start working with a manufacturer in New York to make thinner, more slippy multipurpose mats for DJs of all types. Enamel pins and stickers are always fun for all ages. I guess what makes the illustrations unique would be the fact that I am very linework-centered. It's hard for me to work without thick, scratchy lines or stippling.

Q: How do you like being a part of the Celebrate Local family?

A: I actually started as a signage designer for Celebrate Local and then got thrown behind the register one day. I've been there ever since! I just like to meet new people and learn their interests. I love seeing collaborations, especially since I did one with Dragon Ikka back in May.

You can find Chessia Trick Illustration & Design's products at our Easton store!