Like many of our Celebrate Local family members, Glass Rooster Cannery is sort of a family affair - and a busy one at that. Jeannie Seabrook shares with us how two sisters built a farm, cannery, antique shop and more in the small town of Sunbury, Ohio.

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started? A: My sister, Susie, and I built the Cannery on her farm and opened in Spring of 2011.  Her artistic eye provides beauty to enjoy throughout the farm, including two restored barns filled with art and antiques for sale. Inside the Cannery, I teach cooking classes, make a full line of canned goods, cater and offer team building and other private events. We view home preserving as an art, tradition and history. This is why, in addition to offering our goods for sale, we also teach how to make them. We offer both public and private classes year-round, continuing to use our own produce. Our classes focus on the principles behind the process to give confidence to repeat the recipes at home.  We also invite the public to shop in our restored barns for art and antiques, take a walk through our gardens to view where their food is grown, and form private events.


Q: What makes your products unique?   A: Well number one is growing our own produce using organic principles and heirloom vegetables. We then harvest and use the bounty to teach others the sustainable lifestyle and make canned goods for sale. We augment our own supply with the produce of local home gardeners and organic farmers, so about 80% of what we put in jars is locally grown. Our products have no unnecessary ingredients, and the flavors are each unique and different than what you will find on the typical grocery store shelf.


Q: What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family?  A: I love the vision and mission of Celebrate Local.  Being associated with so many local entrepreneurs, and the support of the staff at Celebrate Local motivates me to strive to take the next steps in my business.  Everyone at CL has been welcoming, and I think it is an excellent community resource.  The shop is a beautiful array of the best of Ohio, and I am proud to be a part of the whole vision.