Last week, Celebrate Local lost a beloved family member and friend. Rebecca "Becky" Lowe passed away suddenly on Tuesday, February 23. In remembrance of Becky, we're taking this week's Feature Friday as a chance to share some kind words and memories on her behalf.


Most recently, Becky owned and operated Ohio State of Mind in Coshocton, Ohio. The store sold Liberty Pottery items in addition to Ohio-made products in the upstairs. She had been making pottery for over 40 years and her unique, infectious spirit could be felt in every piece. Becky's hand-thrown, hand-painted pottery was a staple in our store and in many homes across Ohio.

Becky truly embodied the Celebrate Local spirit. She adored her art and was a passionate, energetic business owner. Our hearts go out to her Coshocton team and loved ones during this time.

Becky Lowe was one of a kind.  She never met a stranger and she shared her light with everyone.  Working for Becky was never dull!  She employed many people in our small town over the years and had a retail store in many of the buildings at one point or another.  The love for her craft was evident, as a potter myself I could see her excitement when discussing new pieces or techniques.  She often reminisced about her early days of throwing in the 70's, she couldn't wait for the new issue of Ceramics Monthly to come out.  It was a true passion of hers and you could tell.  Her pride in her work and retail shop was felt by everyone who walked in the door.  The energy she created and shared will definitely be missed, by her family, friends, employees, and clients.  I'm honored to have worked under her and she afforded me the opportunity to make mistakes and try again, which was the best way to learn to be a potter myself!  Without her encouragement a lot of people would not be where they are today, if she thought you could do it, you could.  She was bright, spunky, boisterous and lived her life to the fullest.  If we could all take something from knowing her it would be to have fun. So here's to you Becky, as the wheel turns, cheers!  - Rachel Jane Hall, Operations Manager and Becky's pottery assistant.


"Becky's passion for her craft was infectious along with her love of being an entrepreneur! Her memory will live on in every piece of pottery she created and within the relationships she made all across Ohio. We were very fortunate to, not only, have represented and sold her pottery at Celebrate Local, but, to have had her as our friend..." - Heidi Maybruck, President & Co-Founder Celebrate Local


"Becky was a woman small in stature but large in personality heart and passion. She was a huge supporter of Celebrate Local and its mission. Some of CL vendors are in her shop in Coshocton.

Yesterday when we went to the calling hours we were told by multiple family members how her association with Celebrate Local came at an important time in her long pottery career. They felt it gave her a new chapter in her art. " - Lori Sachs, Celebrate Local.


“I never had the pleasure of meeting Becky in person but had several phone conversations with her. She was always so kind and I enjoyed our phone visits.

Each day since her death while working at the store my heart sinks when I ring up Liberty Pottery. Life is short, Life is a treasure - and I could tell Becky lived it with kindness and joy from our conversations!” - Pegge Hein Bellamy, Celebrate Local Liberty Center.