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Phone : 614-471-6446 (OHIO)
Address: 3952 Townsfair Way Columbus, Ohio 43219
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: @cbuslocal

What is Celebrate Local?

Celebrate Local, Shop the Best of Ohio is not only a retail operation, it is a small business incubator assisting entrepreneurs, small businesses and Ohio farmers for their retail debut! Celebrate Local showcases the best of Ohio produced handmade and LOCAL artisan goods. Patrons of Easton Town Center, central Ohio’s favorite retail destination, will have to look no further for locally-sourced foods, children’s clothing, Custom T-shirts, Salsas, Sauces, Ohio Wines, Ohio Craft Beer, Candy, Baked Goods, Stationary, Notecards, Artisan Jewelry, Handicrafts, Paintings and so much more from The Great State of OHIO!

Click here for an article from Unground Columbus about our place!

Check out our video from our humble beginnings: How It All Began!

Interview from Out N About Columbus WSYX ABC 6 – December 2013

Celebrate Local visitors will be able to shop, put together gift baskets with flair, from local Ohio wines and spirits to handicrafts, with every dollar spent showing a commitment to community development and local entrepreneurship.

When and where can I shop?
The one-of-a-kind shop represents an opportunity for Local Ohio farmers, growers, food artisans, handcrafters, artists, and other local specialty retailers to have a presence at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, year – round! And, we introduce Easton patrons to the best products and services that Ohio has to offer. Celebrate Local is located in the south district of Easton Town Center next to Panera Bread and across from Crate and Barrel.

I want to sell my products at the shop!
Learn more about applying to be a vendor on the vendor information page.

20 thoughts on “Welcome to Celebrate Local

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  4. Maggie Kozelek

    What’s going to happen after the end of January? I write a column called”Bargain Bits” in Columbus Monthly and would like to include this is my March column- deadline is Jan 14. Could someone call me and let me know what’s going on in the future. This is the kind of place I like to include in my column.

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  6. Lynn

    I was perusing the jams and looking at the supplier’s websites to decide what to buy when I visit Columbus. However, it seemed that the Lake Erie Island Company left me with the feeling that the “imported” their jams instead of making jams themselves. In Kentucky, our Kentucky Proud program insists that all legit products are made within our state. Are their products Ohio-made as well? Thanks!!

    1. celebratelocalohio

      We are not strictly Ohio Proud under their guidelines at Celebrate Local. But, we do try to follow their practices. We will look into your request! Thanks for following our Blog!

    1. celebratelocalohio

      Hi Vicki! Yes! We moved to our new location on 3/1 at Easton near Panera Bread across from Crate and Barrel!
      Hope to see you again!

  7. Jackie

    Do you sell gift cards online or can we call and get one? I live an hour and half away and was thinking of getting a friend a gift card?

    1. Celebrate Local, Shop The Best of Ohio

      Hi Holly! We are working towards that in 2014! Sorry for the delay in responding to you! It’s been a bit crazy in the store! We would be happy to take an order from you the old-fashioned way. Over the phone. We will do our best to assist you, Holly! Please call us at 614-471-6446(OHIO)

  8. Angie Byrne

    Could I get a notification when more grey “born in Ohio” hoodies (size small) are back in stock? Also is there anyway to get it shipped? Thanks!

  9. Kari Hammer-Phillips

    I am the show chairperson for our Specialties in June 2014 and looking for some local artists that might be interested in providing trophies. It is for the Miami Valley Boxer Club. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. ttfn………Kari ;o)


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